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My name is Dylan Slusher and I am a student studying marketing at the University of Wyoming. I have the knowledge and skills necessary for any marketing needs, especially in the realm of content marketing and social media management. I strive for perfection in my work with a keen attention to detail. While the website you're reading may have included mountains of meticulous and boring code, I am a creative type and innovative thinker.


As a marketing student at the University of Wyoming, you might expect me to have marketing experience. You would be right to expect that because I have plenty from previous employment and course work alike - from managing the social media of a corporate housing complex to collaborating on a promotional campaign for the Wyoming Office of Tourism. Additionally, I have conducted large consumer surveys in order to generate promtional focal points. I am also proficient in graphic design with 5+ years of Adobe experience (Photoshop, InDesign, and Premiere Pro.)


When I'm not at school, you will typically find me doing what your average 20-something male college student does i.e., playing video games or binge watching a TV series on Netflix. But my hobbies come from a love to create and design. For example, my 5+ years of Photoshop experience simply started as a hobby that I have grown to enjoy immensely over time. Every now and then I will transition to another Adobe program to further enhance my creativity and knowledge. My newest Adobe toy is Premiere Pro which has been a blast to use in the last year. Creating and editing videos is time consuming, but the end result render is always satisfying.

I also have an absolute obsession with music. Despite not playing an instrument, I love music and everything about it. Music is something that I don't think it is possible for anyone to dislike. It is one of the best ways of creating culture and coming together as human beings. I love to find and share new music with everyone I know - so much so that I recently took up practicing how to DJ dance music. I'm not talking about being a DJ that plays one song start to finish and then play the next. No, I'm talking about creating mixes and mashups with seamless transitions to keep everyone engaged and subject them to something they have never heard before.

This love for music has created the "festival goer" in me as I attend several live performances each year. These shows, in my opinion, are of the highest quality entertainment someone could be a part of. Recently, I became a part of 7220 Entertainment - a campus group responsible for the live performances at the University of Wyoming. Volunteering during those performances has been incredibly valuable and gives you a nice look into what it takes to make a large scale performance happen. With such a passion for live music, it is definitely something I hope to make a career out of.


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